Unisocial’s and its key staff’s experience covers health, nutrition, education, family-planning, reproductive health, HIV-AIDS, emerging diseases, migration, environment, water and sanitation, policy-reform, private sector development, investment climate, RMG and a range of public services. For over ten years, our team members have been involved with landmark projects and campaigns in the field of development. Our work has sometimes taken us beyond Bangladesh – to Afghanistan or Uzbekistan.

The Unisocial team is lean, dedicated, tightly-spun and efficient. Part of our tactic is to create a passion for the work we do and do it in teams. This has helped us successfully retain members and expand upon it. Following are core members of the team:

Adnan R. Amin

Chief Executive Officer

A reflective man with a penchant for history, insights, patterns and critical thinking, Adnan has over 12 years of work experience. His expertise is in management, social & commercial marketing, development, branding and advertising. An ability to break down complex problems into their constituent elements is his strength. In whatever field, he enjoys analyzing root-causes that underlie physical symptoms. With degrees in Business Administration and Development Studies – he thrives on new fields of learning, models of change and schools of thought in social science. Adnan is also a social commentator, aspiring writer and blogger.   

Aminur Rahman Mukul

Director & Creative Chief

Writer, playwright, designer, film-director, photographer and leader of the Palakar Theater Group - Mukul is a man of many talents. A tireless activist and practitioner of the local theatre scene – he has worked as creative consultant with two major marketing communication agencies. Mukul possesses the rare capacity to blend strategy with creative outputs. Having worked with many major government agencies, business entities and development partners, he has been at the forefront of many a ground-breaking social campaigns and other creative endeavors. He has extensive experience in health communication, education communication, democracy and governance etc. In addition to Bangladesh, Mukul has also worked in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. When he is not busy at work, Mukul can be found touring the hinterland, conversing in tea-stalls or photographing  the rural landscape. He has also completed his short-films “Aborodh” and “Komolapuran” – and plans to move on bigger projects soon.