While Unisocial is a for-profit organization, it also nurtures the ambition to make socio-economic contributions to Bangladesh’s development. Unisocial’s vision is as follows: 

Contribute meaningfully to wholesome national development through evidence-based strategies, homegrown ideas, relevant innovation and culturally appropriate activities. 

Wholesome national development is that which not only boosts per capita incomes, but also ensures an increasingly equitable distribution of such wealth. Such development must come through the collaboration of the government, the private sector and common citizens. If carefully planned, all activities – charitable or commercial – have the potential to contribute to the development of the nation.

Unisocial operates on the fundamental premise that targeted and strategic interventions can fundamentally improve lives. But such strategies must be based on grounded on realities and unbiased evidence. Local challenges demand local solutions and not merely isomorphic mimicry, which imitates solutions from foreign environments and superimposes them, even though the conditions may be quite different. Lastly, interventions must be culturally appropriate and sensitive to local customs, beliefs and traditions. These simple, but often-sidelined, mantras lie at the heart of all our planning and action.

At Unisocial, working towards this vision involves an emphasis on research and evidence, investing in local ideas and technologies and taking ethnographic snapshots of beneficiary groups / audiences. To give back to communities, the firm also takes up pro bono projects that have limited resources but infinite possibilities.