Unisocial provides a range of services to public and private sectors, NGO partners and development organizations. This includes research, planning and implementation functions for development and commercial projects. Through its core team and an extended pool of consultants, Unisocial is able to develop/provide:

  • Knowledge & insights into consumers, markets, supply-chain and the nature of their interaction
  • Projection of future direction of sectors / industries based on maven (influencer) dynamics
  • Value chain analyses including literature review and primary research
  • Identification of scope for process innovation & simplification
  • Qualitative market understanding, consumer behavior and segmentation strategies
  • Strategies for market initiation, development and segmentation
  • Expert advice on marketing-mix including price-point analyses, distribution options and branding strategies
  • In-depth research on media, consumers and media-consumption habits
  • Management & optimization solutions for projects
  • Long-term strategies for stakeholder assessment and engagement

However, Unisocial maintains a fluid resource-base and hierarchy, where academicians, technical experts and consultants can be integrated into project teams. This means, the organization is able to take up new challenges, work on unique situations and come up with innovative, trailblazing solutions.


Audience Research

Every intervention, every campaign needs to start out with solid intelligence from the field or market. A client may need to obtain an assessment or mapping of all your stakeholders. Alternatively, they may want to concentrate on specific groups of people to qualitatively describe their lives, beliefs and motivations. Encouraging citizens to campaign for the Environment may call for stakeholder analyses, while policy advocacy for sector-specific incentives may point at the need for hard facts. Each of these methods of investigation, in conjunction with statistical or quantitative research, contributes to the texture of the understanding of target audiences, stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Market Research

Market research entails understanding social, financial, geographical, cultural and behavioral characteristics and dynamics of a defined market. A research design that works for the market for garments waste is unlikely to work for that of a new handset. Keeping this in mind, Unisocial develops research designs that can best quantify and qualify the market situation. For all such assignments, the fieldwork is outsourced to specialist research companies, but analysis and interpretation rests with Unisocial.

 Value Chain Analysis

There are two phases in the typical value chain analysis process. The first entails reviewing and analyzing secondary data and expert accounts to construct a hypothetical working model. Next, primary research is carried out in order to test the assumptions and hypotheses for validity. Overall supply chain outcomes are also compared for consistency, before finalizing the analysis.

Stakeholder Assessment

Unisocial is experienced in identifying and assessing stakeholders for a particular project, brand, issue or reform agenda. Assessments typically cover the nature and intensity of stakeholders’ involvement with said issue. The output is an understanding of the socio-political environment that helps plan the utilizing, informing and/or neutralizing of stakeholder groups.  

Communication Audit

A communication audit (also called a Communications Needs Assessment) is a participatory exercise to assess the nature, degree and frequency of communications received by intended target audience groups. An audit provides understanding of the communication environment, which in turn feeds into the communications strategy, by helping identify audience sub-groups, channels, timings, opportunities, referral mechanisms, referent groups and duplication potential.

Specialized Research

Instead of viewing marketing as distinct from management, Unisocial tries to view both as a single, attempt to produce guidelines for organizational success. From that point of view, only conventional consumer and market research are no longer enough to grow businesses or change behaviors. Human beings are irrational creatures. All sciences and theories must account for this. Modes of inquiry, sources of theorizing and assumptions about society must become inter-disciplinary. To gradually improve our understanding of our environment and to contribute to the body of knowledge that constitutes the capitalist frame of reference, the Unisocial team has taken baby steps to start two key types of specialized research in Bangladesh.


  • Media Ethnography:

A specific part of cultural anthropology, media ethnography may be thought of as the knowledge, culture and behavior surrounding media consumption. The ethnography is meant to be interpretative and subjective, as opposed to statistical or random. For example, let’s ask “does the typical rural housewife keep the television on when in the kitchen?” Clearly, media-planners or advertisers would be motivated to focus on jingles, music and lyrics if the answer turned out to be ‘yes’. Media ethnography can help supply crucial market intelligence for this field, currently dominated by hard numbers and data-tables.


  • Discourse Analysis

Discourse is about ‘language’ and its representation, codes, conventions and patterns in society. This state and dynamics of language are kept in place by exercise of power: institutions and their endeavors to establish orders of Truth and Reality. By collaborating with a local policy-analyst network, Unisocial is developing its approach to discursive analysis.  


Management Consulting

Unisocial has experience in developing designing interventions, planning projects, developing logical frameworks, developing Theories of Change (TOC), managing change process, reform communication and capacity building. PR and image consulting services are described separately the “Media, Events & PR” section.

Strategy Development

Unisocial has the capability to rapidly assess companies and/or projects, identify key constraints or bottlenecks. For this, the firm conducts consultations with stakeholders from demand, supply and influencer groups. Identified challenges are then broken down into its smallest elements to hone down on the root of the issue. Next, Unisocial provides a menu of solutions, keeping in mind resource constraints, internal capabilities, political culture and cultural sensitivities. The entire process is guided by the identification of one or more qualitative insights that encapsulate the key constraint.

Communications Concept

Consumer insights and market intelligence form the core of Unisocial’s strategic planning function. This planning exercise consists of defining key audience needs / emotions and ways of tapping the same for advertising purposes. At the heart of this function is the recognition that people don’t always behave rationally. A careful mixture of emotional and rational appeals can create the right mix of incentives and thus bring on positive behavior changes. Phrasing, tone and personality of messages contribute significantly to brand image and influence their retention by audiences. All of this contributes to the development of a single, brand idea or a communications concept. It guides creative development and media planning.

Strategic Communications

Fed by an assessment of stakeholders and their communication environment, communication strategies typically lay out who is going to be reached, with what message, how and when. It may also touch upon branding and internal communications planning. These decisions are guided by an overarching vision that is also aligned with the project / brand goal. The strategy development process may be guided by a Behavior Change Communication (BCC), Communication for Change (C4D) or commercial marketing model. In the end, it presents a comprehensive roadmap for achieving the communications goals.

Brand Strategy

Starting from brand vision and goal to brand positioning, personality and values are covered under brand strategies. Creating true differentiation for client brands is a key focus for Unisocial. This is achieved not only through visual branding, but also through media strategies and placement. It acknowledges the maxim that the ‘media is the message’. All of this, in turn, stems from a clear and honest understanding of the target audience. Utilizing universal, national or local insights, consumers must be effectively captured in essentializing a brand, so that the need-gap and the brand-benefit can become complementary cogs to the branding wheel.                               

Campaign Planning

A campaign may be thought of as the manifestation of all the previous steps. It is not unusual for many organizations to jump to this step directly. In this stage, a campaign – consisting of slogans, themes, color schemes, wording, visual identity systems, key messages, endorsers, events, activations and education and a media mix based on the types of audience & budget – is put together against a time-chart. The campaign describes what material will reach who in what place with what message. The outcome of this exercise must be aligned to a central communications strategy.


Concept Development

Unisocial has the capabilities to develop creative concepts based on a communication concept, audience understanding or market dynamics. Concepts typically have a visual and non-visual (copywriting) elements to them. Ideally, a creative concept should not only embody the wisdom of the key insight, but also point to a way to way that insight can be used to convey the clients’ intended message. Concepts are vital for multi-stakeholder projects that have isolated, semi-literate or otherwise disadvantaged audiences.


Copywriting is the art of ideation, based on an insight. Copywriting involves devising and elucidating and idea, phrasing it, determining the tone, choosing the vernacular and sometimes even dictating the font. Copywriting is what puts the words inside our audience’s head. Good copy alone can convey complex ideas and expected behaviors. However, it must not treat its medium as a canvass to list down prescribed actions for behavior change. It must connect emotionally and deliver the right message.

Photography & Illustration

Unisocial conducts its photography through either in-house resources or consulting photographers – depending on the need. Illustrations are mostly outsourced and supervised for efficiency. In both cases, a brief is raised to outline the exact types of visuals required, their contents / models and intended usage in materials. Professionals are then assigned and supervised throughout the project duration. Unisocial manages permissions, consent-forms and entry permits on behalf of the client too.

Data Representation & Infographics

With changing consumer or audience habits, Unisocial is learning to adopt newer ways to convey information. As a part of this, the organization has been developing expertise in innovative visual representation of data, including the development of infographics. This is especially true in a country where a majority cannot read or decipher complex messages. Combining visual information with written messages has resulted in better absorption, higher retention and improved recall in a number of cases.

Content Development

Content is developed in the form of narratives, stories, histories, case-studies, interviews, articles, scripts, lyrics, films etc. In many cases, leading professionals are asked to consult with the firm. Content for social & digital media are also developed, including blog-posts, listicles, memes etc. 

Graphic Design

Unisocial provides customized copywriting, creative direction, art direction and DTP services – ensuring that each of the output is of professional quality and suitable for the brand / company. This includes logo and brand visual grid development, material (brochure, poster, flyer, report) design, packaging design, graphic designing for web, mnemonic, pop-up boxes and a host of other branding materials.

Film Production

Planning, scripting, artist-sourcing, filming, direction, editing and post-production of visual materials is one of Unisocial’s strengths. The team has completed numerous television commercials, corporate AVs, documentaries, drama-serials and various visual materials with both in-house and external personnel. Sister companies and strategic partners are kept on the standby for delivery of peripheral or support services (e.g. equipment management, artist screening or transportation).

Testing & Pretesting

Unisocial conducts testing / pretesting of creative concepts, taglines, slogans and draft creatives on behalf of the client. For this, a mutually-agreed degree of representation must be set first. That is to say, all parties must agree on the degree to which the sample should be representative of the actual population.  Once these are agreed, Unisocial sends an experienced team to the field with a set questionnaire and a field-briefing. The results are submitted in the form of a report or a presentation.

Media, Events & PR

Printing & Production

Unisocial outsources its printing and production works to enlisted vendors and suppliers. This not only means that our work is carried out by industry professionals, but also that costs are kept down. These vendors / suppliers are vetted by the Unisocial team and are of professional standard. Unisocial retains a supervisory role where our staff keep tabs to ensure that quality is not compromised and that materials are delivered on time.  

Media Planning

Media mix for a particular issue, organization, campaign, event or personality is based on the target audience and their media consumption behavior. Unisocial is capable of providing detailed media scheduling and breakdown based on all practical considerations. The organization will also provide recommendations for bursts-vs-even scheduling, seasonal opportunities, pivoting events and innovative modes of communicating.   

Media Booking, Buying & Monitoring

Unisocial maintains good networking with the local media scene and is able to obtain attractive airing discounts for clients. Buying and monitoring of media are conducted by in-house professionals or outsourced contractors. The latter is usually more economic, given that contractors enjoy economies of scale and benefits of specialization. In special cases, the firm also develops and implements consolidated media campaigns, constituted by paid, owned, earned and shared media.

Outdoor Advertising

Three enlisted contractors provide out-of-home advertising services to Unisocial. One of these contractors specializes in Dhaka and Chittagong regions. The rest have implementing networks that spread throughout the country.

Public Relations

By viewing public relations (PR) as an attempt to influence and shape the popular discourse around a particular issue, entity, event or person, Unisocial understand PR to be a vast, multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary undertaking. Once a change objective is established, tools used may range from media briefings to celebrity stunts; from news articles to placement in popular programming. Social media campaigns and contests are increasingly popular tools of PR. 

Image Consulting

Unisocial provides image consulting services for cities, attractions, corporations, foundations and individuals. Image consulting services range from media-tracking to personnel-training; from rebranding to renovations. These services come with guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality for clients.

Events & Activation

Unisocial carries out the planning function for events and community mobilization. For certain types of events, we also employ and supervise third-party contractors to carry out events. For community mobilization, we depend on existing grassroots organizations with ground-presence, reputation and track-record. The various types of activation include:

  • Corporate Events
  • Brand Promotions
  • Brand Activation
  • Workshops, seminars
  • International conferences
  • Community & Rural Events
  • Fairs, Road-shows, rallies
  • Community theatre

Digital & Social Media

Unisocial runs a small digital wing that provides digital and social media support to our clients. Services include digital media planning, content creation, web-video production and handling of social-media accounts. Services provided include the following:

  • Content Development
  • Digital advertising
  • Digital Branding
  • Digital Campaigns

In addition, the firm maintains contact with a number of digital media specialists and consultants, so as to be prepared to cater to any needs that surpass its current capacity.

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