Unisocial is a relatively young organization with roots that run into the previous decade. It was in 2004 that the Unisocial team was formed to manage and implement social and development projects. With time, Unisocial grew in size, productivity and experience to emerge as the most successful social & development communication team in Bangladesh. Ten years on, it has been formalized into a legal entity, “Unisocial Limited”. As a limited company, Unisocial has retained and built on its previous key resource persons, their respective experience, goodwill & networking, marketing aptitude and creative capabilities. 

The Unisocial team was planned a specialized wing, but in the course of work, the need for vertical integration of functions became apparent. Furthermore, Unisocial developed unique, qualitative research capabilities and field-networks – insights from which, often catered to its projects. Forward integration was achieved in the form of PR, policy-advocacy, field-activation, community-mobilization and capacity-building functions. Managing these diverse functions meant taking up considerable stakes in project design, planning and implementation – considerably beyond Unisocial’s mandate of social & behavior change communications.

Today, Unisocial specializes in management solutions, marketing strategies and evidence-based behavior change. In our work, structural changes, cultural transformations, process innovations and behavior change have to work together to solve complex challenges that arise in the modern organization.

Unisocial works with the government, private enterprises, foundations, NGOs and international development partners for market and social development. We strive for homegrown solutions to global challenges and for innovation that is socio-culturally relevant. Essentially, Unisocial represents a shift away from framing challenges to suit solutions – to rethinking indigenous solutions to root causes.


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